An Overview Of Notary Stamps And Notary Bonds

A notary public is a public service position whose main role is to witness the signing of official documents in order to protect fraudulent activities. When a person is elected as a notary public, he needs a variety of notary supplies for himself, most importantly notary seals and stamps and notary bonds. Generally the people have many misconceptions about these products, therefore they are discussed below:-

Various notary supplies such as notary seal, notary stamps and embossing seals are readily available for notary public for verifying the documents. Among all these notary supplies the most essential one is the notary stamp that is the privileged property of a notary public. This notary seal is generally made up of a rubber stamp and is affixed to documents that are required to be notarized.

A notary seal usually holds full name of the notary public, his state, commission number and its expiration date. This notary seal, act as an official sign on the paper document. Sometimes, even an impression type seal is used along with the rubber seal. But, the use of this impression seal alone is not permitted.

In fact, there is a strict rule that if the notary public’s official seal is lost or stolen, then he has to inform the Department of State or the Governor for the same. If any person illegally owns a notary stamp or signs any papers, then it will be considered as a punishable act.

Generally, states do not have the authority to provide any notary stamps to the notary public. They can only issue the notary commission certificate that is required to be taken by a rubber stamp company as an authentic proof. These certificates permit the merchant to take the order for the notary public stamps.

A notary bond is basically guarantee of amount to the state and is normally offered by the surety company. This bond runs along with the term of the commission of the notary public.
Its quiet similar with the insurance policy but the notary bond is simply an assurance that sufficient funds will be available in case of loss. Here the surety i.e. the insurance company has to make the payment to the state, up to the amount of penalty. But, the loss that the surety pays is not written off.

Generally, the notary bonds are made for the protection of public rights. In fact there are authorities who protect these notaries too. Insurance coverage that is available for notaries is known as Notary Public Errors and Omissions. It can be purchased from any insurance company by a paying a nominal amount.

Presently, there are a number of websites that are selling these notary supplies online. They supply a variety of stamps like Alabama stamps, California stamps and Michigan stamps and you can select any of them. In fact, many bonds such as California notary bond or Hawaii notary bonds are also readily available on these websites. So next time, whenever you want to purchase a notary bond or notary stamp, do explore these online sellers for getting appropriate deals relating to notary supplies.

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