Ixtapa Real Estate Image Will Be Strengthened By Fonatur’s Steps To Obtain International Trade-mar

Since the development of Ixtapa a few decades ago, the Ixtapa Real Estate market has grown not only in size, but also in quality of life. A result of the large numbers of non-Mexicans choosing Mexico Real Estate as their home, foreign investment, the North American Free Trade agreement, and some positive policies of the current and last administrations, infrastructure and services have been brought up to date and modernized. Those buying property in Ixtapa now enjoy a quality of life similar, if not equal, to what they had back home. With giant leaps forward in quality of infrastructure and services, not only Ixtapa Real Estate, but the whole Mexican market, is now in the process of letting the world know this reality, leaving behind the old, obsolete reputations based in the western movie images of Mexico.

As an industry closely tied to that of real estate, tourism in Mexico is in the same process. FONATUR, the Mexican organization to fund and promote tourism development, has been responsible for the development of some of Mexico’s top tourist destinations, including Ixtapa, which was FONATUR’s second integrated tourist development project.

As the quality of services in FONATUR’s projects has risen to international standards, this organization not only needs to project its image, but also protect this image and its name in the international market. For this reason, FONATUR is currently in the process of obtaining a trade-mark registration from the World Intellectual Property Organization.

In some countries, such as Panama, the brand name FONATUR already exists, used by local companies. FONATUR is hoping to protect the image of its name on an international level by preventing generic companies from using the name, and building a reputation of high quality in all tourism-sector products and services.

FONATUR’s goal is to set a high standard of quality and responsibility in judgment, which will produce viable development, and project this image, not only in Mexico, but internationally. Displaying name means that FONATUR backs the investors and other companies involved in its projects, ensuring that they follow guidelines of the organization. Since tourism is becoming increasingly international, it is important for FONATUR to ensure that tourists from around the world recognize its name as a sign of quality, and do not confused it with organizations which may not adhere to the same levels of quality.

As a result, tourists and investors will continue to recognize FONATUR as a symbol of the quality it upholds, and Mexico’s tourism industry will to see increasingly positive results from its investments.

While all major real estate destinations in Mexico will be benefitted through the strong, positive, international image of FONATUR, and the image it projects of Mexico’s current qualities, Ixtapa Real Estate, and other destinations, most notably Cancun, have FONATUR’s name directly tied to the history of their development. (In Cancun, a visual connection is made through the FONATUR sculpture in the Hotel District.) The quality Ixtapa real estate offers is tied into FONATUR’s international image, and the current steps to strengthen and protect this image are good news for Ixtapa.

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